About Us

In 1984, we opened our doors as “Walker Pharmacy” on Northside Drive West in Statesboro with the mission of offering great products, service, and healthcare to the people of Bulloch County.  Over the years we’ve always been more than just a pharmacy, selling everything from concert tickets to gold!  But early on, we developed a reputation for being a great gift shop with the convenience of being your local drug store.  So “and Gifts” was quickly added to the Walker Pharmacy name - and it stuck!

In the early 1990s after having their second child, founders Lindsay and Devra Walker added on to their original building and opened a Children’s clothing and gift boutique - naming it “Little Doses” as a nod to their roots as a pharmacy.  Again, this growth was spurred by a need in the community for quality apparel and accessories for Statesboro’s kids.

Then in 2002, Lindsay and Devra again had the opportunity to expand and bring their pharmacy and gifts concept to the east side of Statesboro where a new hospital was being built and to the small town of Brooklet after the only pharmacy had just closed their doors.  One location became three.

The small college town of Statesboro continued to grow along with Georgia Southern as the Walkers kept trying to meet the changing needs and retail desires of the community.  Eventually, as the Market District area was just beginning to grow, Lindsay and Devra built a flagship store to expand their gift and apparel offerings to meet the ever-growing demand.  So, Walker Boutique was born!

The corner of Merchant Way and Brampton Avenue is now home to Walker Pharmacy, Walker Boutique, and Little Doses - containing the largest curated selection of apparel, accessories, gifts, and home decor in the area!  With the growth of social media platforms and eCommerce, we are now able to offer all of the hand-selected products we carry to shoppers all over the country. And what’s even more exciting? We have combined all of our specialty niches (Walker Boutique, Little Doses, & Walker Wedding) into one online shopping experience, allowing you to shop like our unique, in-store experience!  


Over the past several years, we’ve shipped thousands of orders to every state in the US and our family looks forward to continuing to offer “something special” to you and yours.  Thank you for choosing to shop with us!


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