Wedding gifts can be purchased for a registered couple both in store and online. If you plan to purchase in store, we allow for the option for the guest to either take the wedding gift with them or be left in store for the designated host to pick up prior to the shower or wedding. If you plan to purchase a gift online, we only allow for in store pick up. This ensures that your gift is delivered to the registered couple with no fear of damages. If you would like to include a note, please write it in the “message” section that appears at check out.



 Wedding registries can only be created IN STORE. All wedding registries require for the bride/groom to schedule an appointment with one of our wedding specialist to register. During the registration process, couples will be able to select a variety of china and household items to add to their registry. Couples registering for china are required to sign a China Agreement and abide by the terms of that agreement. There is no agreement in place for any other items.



Walker Boutique will pre-order, purchase, and stock china on the registered couples behalf. 30 days after the wedding date, any china items that have not been purchased from the couple’s registry are required to be purchased by the couple themselves. This agreement authorizes Walker Pharmacy & Boutique to charge the card on file for the remaining china items on the 30th day following the wedding.



Couples are able to return any wedding gifts within 30 days that are not listed on their registry, item that they have received duplicates of, and up to 5 items that they were registered for without penalty. NO sale items or personalized items will be accepted for a return. After 30 days have past, there will be a 20% re-stock fee on any items returned, regardless of if the gifts were or were not listed on the registry. To make the return process easier on couples and staff, it is suggested that all items be returned at once.



 When Registering with Walker Boutique, we ask you provide the following so we can make your registry as perfect as possible:

  • A Digital Image Of Your Favorite Engagement Photo – This image will be used to advertise you registry online and will also be posted to our social media pages to remind family & friends of your upcoming showers or wedding.
  • All Shower Dates – Shower dates are needed so we can are able to provide the best service to your family & friends that are shopping your registry. We use these dates to make sure all gifts and wrapped and ready for pick up in time. These dates will also be posted to our social media pages to remind family & friends of your upcoming showers or wedding.
  • Designated Host/Hostess Information – Often times, family & friends will leave wedding gifts for in store pick up. During your busy and exciting engagement, we want to make sure there is someone who is able to pick up gifts prior to your showers or wedding.


Please allow 2 weeks for wedding registries to be posted online. Here at Walker Boutique, we strive to provide the best wedding registry experience, and want your online registry to accurately represent the selection you have chosen. We are so excited to help you through the registry process!